If You Want A Blog, You Need WordPress

What is WordPress? Well, if you don't know already, it’s by far the biggest and best blogging platform in the world, with countless of add-ons available and almost infinite ways to design and layout your blog.

So is WordPress the best blogging platform? Simple answer: Yes, and according to surveys 90% of all bloggers will agree.

How Do I Get A WordPress Blog?

There are two ways. One is by getting a free blog version of it. However, if you are serious about blogging, we really do not recommend that.

1. For starters, you won't have your own domain-name. Instead your blog will have a name like "freshandfit.wordpress.com" rather than the much prettier "freshandfit.com"

2. Secondly, they will put banner ads all over your blog and you won't earn any money from it, plus you are not allowed to put up your own banners, so making any money is impossible.

3. At last, you're limited to a poor selection of ugly designs for your blog. Since it's free, they then offer "premium" themes that cost upward $100+ .. (Waaay overpriced!)

Instead what we recommend, is that you install WordPress on your own. This way you can use your own domain, you can install and use any blog-design you want, you don't have any forced ads on your blog and more importantly, you are allowed to make money by using your own ads or affiliate links.

How To Install WordPress On Your Own Domain

First you of course need to come up with a name for your blog and then choose a hosting company where you can install WordPress.

Personally, we use iPage for our WordPress hosting, and we’ve been absolutely satisfied with them. Ultra fast loading speeds, live-chat if you should ever need any help and unlimited space if you want to put a lot of photos or videos on your blog.

Not only are they the cheapest (just $1.99 per month) but they also give you a domain name for free (They usually cost $15). Perhaps most important for new bloggers, is that they offer a full money back guarantee. So should you decide blogging isn't your thing, you can simply get your money back.

Out of all of the hosts in the world we’ve chosen to recommend iPage as the one we think is the best best. If you sign up with one of our recommended partners we have a commercial affiliate relationship with them.

Step 1 - Get hosting with iPage

1. First off: Go to iPage (Click to open in a new window).

And click on the big green button "Get started".

2. Enter the domain name you want for your blog and see if it's available. If not, you may have to try a different variation of the name or a different domain extension (.com/.net/.org/etc..)

3. Fill out your personal information on the next page and scroll down to the "Website Essentials" by default, domain privacy and one or two others might be checked. If you don't want to pay for these, you can simply uncheck them. Finally click on Check out.

That's it! 🙂 Now your domain and hosting is setup, all that's left is to install WordPress. Which is done with iPage's simple installer.

Once you're logged into your back-end just click the "Install WordPress" button and have their automatic installer do the installation for you. Shortly after you will have WordPress installed and you can now start blogging! 🙂

Need help?

Should you need any help, just go ahead and send us an email to hello@blogerize.com and we'll be happy to help you out!